Client Openings for Fall 2019!

As the school year wraps up, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next season’s production…

I'd like to take a moment to announce that I have some openings for any clients looking for a front ensemble writer or sound designer for this upcoming fall season!

Feel free to check out my website for more information (samples of previous work are available in the "SHOWS" page). Message me for any details or use the CONTACT form on the website! I'll be glad to work out what your ensemble needs, and we can easily negotiate something!

Copyrights - who owns what?

If you’re wondering where the Red Wave 2019 championships video went, it’s been taken down due to violation of copyright. As a writer, I believe I should have the rights to upload and publish works that I’ve helped create, in this case the performance. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

I had some email exchanges with someone from Flosports to get more insight on how this all works, and I’ll explain here. When an ensemble signs up for WGI, media rights (rights to publicity) are granted to WGI, which includes the right to stream, which is then passed on to Flosports. Despite owning the copyrights to the performance (audio and visual aspects), Flosports still retains the legal rights to the actual video itself, as they were the ones who recorded it. Flosports is also not obligated to pay out ensembles/writers despite making money by charging subscriptions for their streams because of the rights being given when an ensemble signs up. (The least they could do at least is have high quality streams in 1080p with decent audio - but hey… maybe the 4th year will be better?)

It makes complete sense from a straightforward legal standpoint. Is it fair? Not too sure about that. Flosports/WGI has the rights to share the creation of the ensembles/writers, however no one has rights to share the videos that were created.

It’s unfortunate that it’s how it works - I think it’s detrimental to the activity. How can fans of the activity be able to enjoy what they love, if no videos of performances can be made available? Copyright laws can be incredibly frustrating, and with online streaming platforms and video hosting sites, it only gets even more complicated. It’s disappointing that members of performing ensembles cannot freely share what they spent months working on, due to restrictions. Will anything change in the future? Probably not - with publishers and big music companies wanting money, it will be hard for these performances to be freely available. It just further justifies having to travel out to WGI Championships to watch these ensembles in person. It’s so much better than watching it on a screen anyway.

WGI 2019 Championships

It's been a crazy week, but this WGI Championships week went by so fast. Incredibly proud of the staff and the members of Red Wave Indoor, for putting in hours on hours of work. It's amazing to see the final product flourish on the floor - and it's surreal to see the creation that we all have worked on together on the floor at the UD Arena. Every single person in the ensemble has taken part in the creation and execution of what we have put out for everyone to see at WGI Finals.

It's been a wild ride, just within those three days, bumping up multiple spots and becoming a top 10 finalist in Independent Open Class, with a 91.425, after climbing up every day from prelims, where we started in 15th with an 86.7. WGI is a hard “game” to play. A panel of judges putting numbers and placements to what can be considered theatre and art. Every person has their own spin and beliefs on how everything works.

It’s amazing to see how everyone in the activity is passionate about what they do. Every designer, performer, writer, or whatever “title” someone holds, has their own motives for what they do. But regardless of their motive, they put an incredible amount of time and effort into it. It pays off when the lot is packed, or when the seats are filled in the arena. It’s a small snapshot of what we are, only to wrap it up and move on to the next season. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to talk to a couple people while at championships, and it really allows me to shape my perspectives on a lot of different things.

After a long journey back home with flight delays and an extra night in Ohio, the season is finally over. I'm excited to move forward and see what's next.

red wave 10.png

Indoor Percussion 2019 Kickoff

Saturday January 26th was the first SJVCGPR competition which officially kickstarted the 2019 indoor percussion season. Clovis HS and Red Wave Indoor both had their debut performances. I’m excited to see how both of the shows develop and how the ensembles grow throughout the season!

If you want to catch any of their performances, here are their schedules! (schedules are subject to change at any time)



Friday • February 8
Buchanan HS • SJVCGPR #2

Friday • March 1
Clovis East HS • SJVCGPR #3

Friday • March 8
Clovis North HS • SJVCGPR #4

Saturday-Sunday • March 23-24
CSU San Bernardino • WGI West

Friday • March 29
Clovis North HS • SJVCGPR Championships



Saturday • March 2
Merced HS • WGI Fresno

Friday • March 8
Clovis North HS • SJVCGPR #4

Saturday-Sunday • March 23-24
CSU San Bernardino • WGI West

Friday • March 29
Clovis North HS • SJVCGPR Championships

Thursday-Saturday • April 11-13
UD Arena • WGI Championships

K/DA - POP/STARS | Drumline Arrangement

A way I combat writers block is to step away from the thing I’m writing and move completely to a small, short, and different project. So this time around, I wrote some battery parts to “POP/STARS” by K/DA. The song comes from the League of Legends universe - and the whole thing is pretty fascinating. From what I’ve gathered, Riot Games (makers of LoL) created a virtual pop girl group to promote in-game “skins,” and they released the song along with it. It’s super catchy too.

The music video has really cool editing, and I did some small editing for the video I made to match the video.

Check it out here:

Here’s some SoundCloud links of the song and a battery only track:

It was a fun quick little project to make over the span of three days - let me know what you think!

What is "creativity"?

Recently I re-watched an episode (are they called episodes?) of a podcast that was really cool - it was Broken City's podcast with Ian Grom. Mike Jackson brought up a point that I thought was really interesting. He mentioned that he was an advocate for judges giving a level of respect and acknowledgement for the time and effort that was put into a production (topic is brought up at 28:30 in the video if you want to check it out). I think this is something that's fairly lacking in judges commentaries.

I think that just even having a sort of acknowledgement from judges regarding what you've done for a production and terms of how much effort and time it took makes a really big difference. For a judge to say "that's been done before" or "I've seen that a bunch of times already" is disheartening,  because despite other people or ensembles doing that, the creator still put time and effort into it to put it into the show, and depending on the show, it may serve a purpose and be meaningful. Putting productions together is time consuming and it essentially becomes our lives. To be told that it's insignificant is fairly disheartening.

This ties into the whole "Box 6" being removed from the judges scoring too - the removal of "World Class" having to "set new standards." Even then, with the elimination of that and outside of world class, there's always the expectation for something new to be brought to the table. With how the activity has evolved, it's hard to do that without having strong financials. When was the last show that won without props?

What is considered as "creativity"? Anything done on the floor has probably been done previously one way or another. Someone may come up with an idea that's been done before in some way shape or form, does that make the idea not creative anymore? If a person brings together multiple ideas and ties them together, is that creativity? Who's able to discern what is creative and what isn't? Something that's creative to one person may not be creative to another - as their personal experiences have led them to seeing the idea been done before. It's all based on past experiences shaping what we see now as creative or not creative.

Regardless of creativity - time and effort was put into the production, from students, educators, writers, parents, you name it. The acknowledgement and respect of the time and effort put into it means a lot. Most people only see the final product, the show on the floor. Most of the time you won't see the hours on hours put into it that never see the public eye. The activity is hard - constantly changing and evolving. Every year there's something new brought forward, and it can feel like a game of catch-up to stay current with what's successful. No matter what, there's been time an effort involved put in, in order for the final product to exist.

It's a hard game to play. In the end, judges commentary will most likely effect the end result of a program. The way it's delivered can change how the comments are taken. Sometimes we just need that recognition and morale booster to believe we're doing something right. All we're trying to do is deliver the best thing we possibly can.

I'm not really sure where this rambling went, but if you haven't already, check out the podcast I mentioned earlier. Lots of thoughts were brought up in it, and I wanted to bring up mine. If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Until next time!