Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do custom shows?
Yes! Feel free to contact me about comissioning a show.

Do you offer regional exclusivity?
Yes - when contacting me about a show, you will need to provide what circuit(s) your ensemble will be participating in. I will ensure that no other ensemble in your circuit(s) will be performing the same show. It is up to the customer to provide the ensemble's information.

Is drill provided?
No, purchasing a show only includes music, and no drill.

Can you make changes to the shows?
Yes! Depending on the changes, there may be an additional fee. I understand that every ensemble is different and will do my best to make the show suit your needs.

Can I combine shows?
No. The shows are written to make sure the show makes sense and has a proper storyline to them.

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately, no. Due to regional exclusivity, once a show is purchased, it cannot be refunded, and the product cannot be returned. If an issue arises, we may be able to work something out for future seasons if an unforeseen situation occurs and results in the season being canceled.

How long do I have to perform the show?
Shows are purchased on a per-season basis. If an ensemble wants to perform the show beyond one season, permission will be required.

What payment methods do you take?
Checks, credit cards, and PayPal are accepted. If you pay through PayPal or credit card, there will be an additional fee of 3% charged by PayPal or to cover the cost of running the card.

I have a question that is not listed here!
Feel free to use the Contact section of the website and ask whatever questions you have! I will do my best to get back to you and answer your questions.